i hate boys
and they hate me


please please please someone give me a link to tonights teen wolf!! omg


a picture of my children

virginia mori


I think a lot of “African” Americans need to take a year long trip to the motherland. Go and live in the gutter, carry your dirty water for miles, struggle to feed your children, shit in a hole, work for nothing. They will never complain about the ‘white privilege’ that they apparently don’t have ever again. There are billions of people on this earth who would rather be where you are and have the opportunities you have at your fingertips. Foolish people. If you don’t like America because it’s not equal enough for you, please, go and live in Africa. You will spend your life breaking your back, scratching at the ground just to make enough money for one flight for one child to go back and have a chance, any chance. You are in America. There is your white privilege.

Proverbs 14:30 (KJV) 
A sound heart is the life of the flesh: but envy the rottenness of the bones

Right now you lot are stinking rotten to the core. Elevate yourselves please.

wow you are the dumbest person alive

besides all of the racism in your post, you’re just stupid as hell

newsflash: africa is a continent that has countries that has MAJOR CITIES with CARS and SKYSCRAPERS and DEPARTMENT STORES and all that other shit. people in these cities don’t have to ‘carry their water for miles’. they get it from faucets in their houses, you dumb racist cunt.

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he won’t pick up the phone. he’s probably fucking another girl. 


Koren Shadmi